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Why should Companies Invest In Mobile App Development?

The world is becoming ubiquitous. People almost go crazy if they cannot get access to any of the available online information, from wherever they are and at any time of the day. They want to constantly keep track of their online purchases, online money transfers, and online bill payments, whether while they are in a queue in a bank, or when they are in the hospital waiting for a doctor to see them, or when they are driving.

It's high time for any company, with or without an online presence, for approaching a mobile application development company now, for seriously considering investing in a shopping app. There are many app development company Dubai who specialize in custom app development. They can very well understand the business and build a compatible mobile app for it, suiting the exact business needs such as shopping, mobile laundry app, mobile app for restaurants, mobile app for hotels, etc. Many of these appt developers do customized services, and some of them now offer specialized services. For example, there now exist professional apt developers such as grocery application makers, e-commerce app developer, supermarket mobile app developer, shopping app developers, food ordering app developer, grocery app developer to mention but a few.

Bytecode Information Technologies, a company in Dubai, are app developers who specialize in online shopping app development like grocery apps, or any kind of apps. Many other app development companies in the world are also into many other app services.

In recent time, Mobile apps are essential for all businesses survival because the majority of consumers transact businesses via their mobile phones. Over 65% of online transactions take place using mobile applications. Let us now look at why mobile apps are a must for business.

Everything we do these days is gaining mobile recognition. Gone are the days where we had to sit in front of our desktops and our laptops making bank transfers, paying bills, and shopping online. People prefer to do most of their online activities on their mobiles gadgets with just a few finger touches especially those who are always on the move. People no longer depend on desktop or laptop URL. The majority of individuals rather prefer to use their smart phones and install the application, if available. With the continuous growth of this trend, every business owner is taking into account investing in Mobile Apps.

Creating greater visibility for business: A website will require using a browser with its URL and then signing into it, while an app only requires one-time installation with log in. Once you are successfully done, the user does not need to log in every time. The app is made visible to users, anytime they switch on their mobile phone. Also, the app doesn't confuse users with numerous features. Only those features of the web that are highly likely to be utilized by the customers are built into the app. In this way, users can reach the target pages on Apps, with just a few finger touches. It is done just by sliding their fingers over the screen.

It increases business exposure: The presence of Push notifications in Mobile Apps reminds users to use the App for various transactions or activities. This causes an increase in the firm exposure since the customers are always reminded of all offers, sale, and discounts, payment of bills and bank transfers. Therefore, the App will always be used by the customers since it is handy.

It targets larger audience: Today, the use of mobile phones has drastically increased especially among the teens and young adults. People don’t use desktop or laptop for chatting with friends and family, social media networking and buying products online. With the emergence of web application, business individuals are sure to retain their customers without going the other way – PC for online activities. But note, that you can only target the larger younger audience only by investing in mobile app.

Social interaction among the app users: With the integration of social media in the Mobile Apps, customers can quickly comment, like and share the product with their friends. Their friends will be able to see and view the product which was shared. This will increase social interaction among customers and users. Social interaction a great source of recommendation and review to any product because, a product in general, likely to be purchased, based on its recommendations from the people you know.

Mobile marketing: Mobile Apps are easily reachable or accessible than a blog or website. One can access Mobile Apps from where on earth the customers are, at any time. As a result, it is unlikely that the customers can forget about the App, mostly when they need to buy something, while they are on the move. All they need do is just to open the App on their Mobile phone and hastily place an order.

That being said, businesses can now buy into this new development and contact some of the famous mobile application development companies, which offer reliable services at a very affordable cost. You have the assurance that they will first analyze your business requirement, and then come up with a customized application software development plan to build a mobile app that can establish a helpful hand for your business. Bytecode Information Technologies is global player in the technology & consulting services that assist customer in achieving the success they deserve. For more information on app development and to build one for your business, visit

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